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Historic Sign Post Mogador Rd NEWS!!

Historic Sign Post Mogador Rd NEWS!!

After looking at the finger post at the top of Mogador Road which is more than 100 years old our co-chair brought it to our attention at the last LKRA AGM. It certainly needed some TLC.  Finger posts have been an integral part of our highway and heritage contributing to the unique character of local areas.  Our finger post has stood the test of time with the name being removed possibly in the 1940’s for its metal and to help the war effort.

So, it became my task along with other committee members Sarah Lopez and Co-chair Lindsey Von Backstrom to apply for CIL funding to give it a makeover.

What is the local CIL Fund?

A proportion (currently 15%) of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) monies will be spent on local projects in the neighborhoods where development has been built. This is known as the Reigate & Banstead CIL Local Fund.

The CIL Local Fund must be spent to support the development of the local area by funding: So.. The finger post was the ideal candidate for us.

The application went in last year and has finally been approved thanks to the financial support of the LKRA funding and a plant sale arranged by Lindsey Von Backstrom and friends. And the support of our local councillors Rod Ashford and Zelanie Cooper.

We have commissioned the post and you will see some activity going on some time soon. By restoring the signpost we will be preserving our local history and helping maintain the character of our community.

Please see below photos of the before’s. I can’t wait for you to see the after photos or even better for you to be able to see it in its full glory when it’s completed.

Susie Homes Committee Member

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