Kingswood Primary School

Lower Kingswood is fortunate to have an excellent primary school that continues to serve children from both the village and other local communities. The school itself dates back over a hundred years and has some two hundred pupils today. Its Ofsted grade is Good, and the 2021 report sums the school up perfectly when it states, The school has a strong community feel”, where pupils and teachers arrive with smiles on their faces.

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The school has had a long and colourful history since opening its current site on 4th December 1893. The first Headmistress of the then Kingswood Infants School, Miss Helen Goodyear, oversaw 27 children on opening day, with six more arriving the following day. It has seen its pupils achieve academic success and victory in competitions from handwriting to sport.

The school has faced many challenges; in its early days, a fire nearly took hold but was fortunately contained to the playground shed. During the Second World War, pupils were forced to seek refuge in the cloakrooms during air raids, and it is alleged that certain pupils skipped class to witness a Battle of Britain dog-fight overhead. It has battled storms and snowdrifts and, of course, many infectious diseases. Still, it has come through them all to record nearly a hundred and thirty years of success in educating our children and a place where pupils still arrive with Smiles on their faces.